How to Apply

We can only offer training at clinics with available capacity. Currently we have no available positions.

1. Requirements

Previous experience and conditions to fulfil in order to be eligible to apply:

  • Applicants must have earned an M.D. degree from a recognized medical school and be registered as a medical practitioner and authorized to practice medicine in his/her home country.
  • Applicants must have at least two years of documented clinical experience of independent work at a hospital. (Internship is counted.)
  • Applicants must have a financial sponsor from his/her home country, such as a public authority, ministry, hospital or similar, accepting to finance the full training program; both tuition fee and living expenses in Sweden.

2. Application

Fill out our application form and send it to us along with the following:

  • Certified copies of university transcripts (an authorized translation into English must be enclosed if the documents are issued in any other language).
  • The copies must be certified by an official authority, a Swedish Embassy/Consulate or a Notary Public. Do not send originals.
  • CV
  • A statement of purpose – a letter from the applicant stating clinical and research interest, ambitions, desires and professional goals.
  • Three letters of recommendation from well renowned scientific or clinical medical institutions.
  • Preliminary letter of sponsorship from sponsor.
  • One photograph.
  • English Language Certificate.
    The requirements are: A good command of English, documented by an internationally recognised proficiency test such as: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or the equivalent. TOEFL total score 575 and 4,5 on written test (paper based) or a total score of 90 and 20 on written test (Internet based test). IELTS with an overall mark of at least 6.5 and no band less than 5.5. This is applicable only if the applicant is from a country where English is not the native language.

Please send your application by mail to:

Sahlgrenska I.C.

P.O. Box 7163

SE402 33 Gothenburg


or if sent by courier, to:

Sahlgrenska I.C.

Medicinaregatan12 a

413 90 Gothenburg


3. Interview

If we decide to proceed with your application, we will send you an invitation to a personal interview, which will be held at the medical department concerned at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. The visit is mandatory and comprises an introductory information meeting and an interview with the head of department, program director and supervisor. The visit will also give you the opportunity to perform an extended study visit / clinical observership for one – five days depending on the needs and availability of the department.

4. Acceptance

If we decide to accept you and offer a position at the specialist training program, we will issue a formal letter of acceptance for the specialty concerned and send it to you and/or your sponsor.

5. Preparations

Agreements and financial issues are handled between Sahlgrenska I.C. and your sponsor.

You should apply for a residence permit for studies and work in Sweden at the Swedish Embassy in your home country.

We will help you with the necessary paperwork and to arrange for an accommodation as well as giving information and guidance, all depending on your needs.

6. Program start

The program will start with intensive studies in Swedish during 8-10 months at the language institute Folkuniversitetet.

After a clinical introduction at the department concerned, the training program will consist of at least five years of independent clinical work according to the regulations and guidelines of the National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden.



Conditions & Facts

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We offer Swedish specialist competence within medical care, education and international aid. Sahlgrenska I.C. is a company wholly owned by Region Västra Götaland in Sweden and we are dedicated to the task of ...


About Us

Sahlgrenska I.C. is a company wholly owned by Region Västra Götaland in Sweden, dedicated to the task of working actively to export western Swedish health care quality to the international market. We offer services within three areas of expertise: Medical care, Postgraduate specialist programs and International aid.

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