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Every county council in Sweden must provide residents with good-quality healthcare. Region Västra Götaland is not an exception. The life science cluster with Sahlgrenska University Hospital serving as an engine for healthcare development is blooming. It contributes to the vision of providing a good life for its residents and visitors. Maybe that is why you are in West Sweden right now. While you are, let’s try to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Whether you are accompanying a related who is here for treatment, or undergoing treatment yourself we want to provide a sense of comfort given the individual circumstances . So, what gives you a piece of mind?

To find a hotel located on a convenient distance to the hospital is usually on top of the list. Choose the one that fits your needs. Naturally the main focus is getting through the treatment, to a healthier side. When it is completed the only thing you can think of is home. How to get there the quickest way possible. We can not take you all the way, but let us recommend a transport between the hospital, your accommodation and the airport. If you like, we can even make the reservation.

If you have an hour, or two. Maybe even a day to spare, explore the city and its inviting surroundings. Make it yours.


Before visiting

Learn more about the healthcare system and other good-to know facts about Sweden

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