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The collection and processing of personal data is regulated in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Sahlgrenska International Care AB needs your consent to store personal information about you. The information will be used by employees at Sahlgrenska International Care AB and by the caregivers within Region Västra Götaland involved in processing your request for planned medical care.

The information that we intend to collect is name, date of birth, address and data concerning your medical condition and planned treatments. It will be stored in our file system.

Personal information required to make hotel reservations or other services related to your medical care may be disclosed to external recipients. If necessary for continued care or invoicing purposes personal data will be transferred to concerned authorities and/or caregivers abroad.

You can contact to receive more information about what data we store about you or to ask for data to be erased, transferred, limited or corrected.

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