September 21, 2018

Sahlgrenska COPD Centre attracts China

Yesterday 17 delegates from different provinces in China came to learn more about the COPD Centre at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and the model used in Region Västra Götaland.

Although the use of telemedicine is a vital part of the model, it is not the one that has improved the care the most.

– Technology is not the biggest improvement. It is the integrated way of working, which has a large impact on the patient’s health while at the same time being more cost efficient, says Anders Ullman, Head of the COPD Centre.

Ann-Louise Elm Kullingsjö, Occupational therapist and member of the COPD team

Patient participation is key in the model. How is the life situation in general? The goals for the treatment need to be set together with the patient to reach a better outcoume.  The occupational therapist plays an essential role in activating the patient in their everyday life. Some activities you do because you need to, and others because you think they are fun. The team together with the patient strive to reach a balance between those two. It is often the small changes that make a greater difference.

Team from the left: Lowie Vanfleteren, MD. Anders Ullman, Head of Centre. Ann-Louise Elm Kullingsjö, Occupational therapist. Anita Nordenson, MD.

The COPD team and we are looking forward to continuing the dialogue with different provinces in China about possible future collaborations within the COPD field.

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