October 16, 2015

Thanks for having us, Centre for Health Technology Halland

Earlier this week Sahlgrenska I.C. was in Halmstad for a two day conference. While there we took the opportunity to visit the Centre for Health Technology Halland (HCH). They are a link between different stakeholders in the health care area contributing to the process from an innovative idea to a market ready solution or product.

Identifying needs that precede a product development seems to be the key stage in the process. And how do they go about to make this happen? HCH works closely with companies, users, researchers and health and social care organizations in Halland and nationwide.

Among all the HCH projects, there is one that stands out particularly – Bike Around. A new technology that can be used in the rehabilitation of elderly with dementia. It is hardly a coincidence that it was awarded top 100 innovative ideas on the global market by Money Today Media Group in South Korea last year. So, what is next in store for the HCH team? We are looking forward to following the development of current Projects.

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