October 18, 2017

Sweden to step up healthcare export

Swedish healthcare and life science is at the global forefront. The interest and demand for the know-how around the world is increasing. While it is currently an important part of the country’s export, there is a significant potential for growth.

The Swedish government has now announced that they want to invest in healthcare export. Hence the establishment of Team Sweden Care and Health, a high level group consisting of key representatives from the private and public sector. They will meet regularly under the leadership of the State Secretary at the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The aim is to conceptualize the Swedish healthcare offer to ensure delivery of complete solutions.

This is a milestone for us who export world-class healthcare expertise offered by the public healthcare system in Sweden. We look forward to work closely with Team Sweden Care and Health, Swecare and colleagues in other regions. Together we can step up Swedish healthcare export.

In areas where we have excellent track records, it is our duty to leave footprints internationally. We are convinced that the only way to succeed is by collaboration cross levels and sectors. United under one strong national brand we will be better equipped to take on new orders. This will enhance further growth and development of new healthcare innovations that can improve the quality of life both locally and globally. That we owe to the Swedish population and our customers worldwide.

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