January 31, 2017

Speech at LifeMED in Italy

Since 2013 the organizations Cauto (Italy), Medicus Mundi (Italy), University of Brescia, Legambiente Lombardia och Ateliere Fara Frontiere (Roumania) have been cooperating in the EU-funded project LifeMED.

LifeMED deals with the management of discarded medical equipment and devices. The project primarily addresses  the environmental problem of sustainable waste and natural management. It supports waste prevention programmes and measures to promote the application of the waste hierarchy.

Anders Lygdman, International Aid Coordinator at Sahlgrenska I.C., was invited to share our experiences within this field at an international workshop in Brescia, Italy, between 25-27 January. His speech emphasized that the establishment of a public system for collection and donation of medical equipment in Region Västra Götaland has increased the effectiveness in the gathering of functional medical equipment/material that otherwise would go to destruction. The improved coordination on a policy level has led to an increased number of donors and growing volumes designated for aid projects.

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