November 20, 2015

Sahlgrenska’s Director Barbro Fridén leader of the year

The business news magazine Affärsvärlden has appointed Barbro Fridén, Director of Sahlgrenska University Hospital, leader of the year.

Enthusiasm, courage and dedication characterizes her leadership, according to the jury. A lot has happend since she took office 2012. Throughout these years she has been advocating the implementation of a value based approach with a patient centred focus. It is now underway, but we have to await the outcome of this approach as more clinics at Sahlgrenska University Hospital adopt the model. Regardless, it is already an admirable achievement considering the size and complexity of the organization.

Congratulations Barbro, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Region Västra Götaland! We look forward to keep on working closely to ensure that Sahlgrenska University Hospital continues to be renowned internationally for it’s world class research and development within highly specialized care.

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