April 25, 2018

Sahlgrenska COPD centre in China

We got a quick talk with Anders Ullman, Head of the COPD Centre at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, who recently took part in the HOPE Forum in Guangzhou, China together with Donald Ribbentjärn, CEO at Sahlgrenska I.C.

Looking back on the Forum on the flight home, what came into your mind?

CODP constitutes a health issue of gigantic dimensions in China, with 12% of the male and 5% of the women suffering from the disease. They estimate the total number of patients to be above 100 millions, a number which is still increasing.

The root causes are considered to be:

– Frequent and widespread tobacco smoking

-Air pollution

-Biomass smoking (indoor cooking, especially in rural areas)

It was an honour for me to be on site and share our know how about the Sahlgrenska COPD model and get to meet  Professor Zhong Nanshan among others again.

Now when you are back in the office, the real work begins. What is the next step?

COPD is considered one of the absolut top threats to public Health in China, and is subject to significant improvement programs orchestrated from the government.

It was difficult for me to judge, how much they believe they can and want to be supported from us in Sweden. We are looking forward to continuing the dialogue and hope to see a delegation from China in Gothenburg later this year.


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