April 12, 2012

Qvist points out the importance of informed choices

At the Annual General Meeting (Bolagsdagen) of Region Västra Götaland’s wholly owned subsidiaries, Sahlgrenska I.C. CEO Marika Qvist took the opportunity to – once again – stress the necessity of informed choices regarding highly specialized healthcare in the region. “We are suppose to be the best available option – but not for everything”, she told the audience, which among others consisted of the Executive Board of Region Västra Götaland.

“In early 2012 Sahlgrenska I.C. signed an agreement with Sahlgrenska University Hospital regarding focus areas, so-called ‘Centre’s of Excellence’. They are crucial for our ability to position Region Västra Götaland as world leading within these areas of expertise, but it took us two years to reach this agreement. That frightens me, because international competitors move very quickly”.

In addition to Qvist, Anna Elander, head of the Plastic Surgery department at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, also gave a presentation. She raised awareness of some of the fantastic progress that has been made within an area where the University Hospital has been world leading for a long time. She also stated that continuous long-term investments are an absolute necessity in order to stay ahead, thereby attracting additional world leading competence to slowly take over and maintain the highest standard possible in the region.

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