July 3, 2015

News from Almedalen: Medical teams on wheels – an innovative solution the Skaraborg way

Patients with multiple cronic conditions need care frequently. But there is often no need for the patients to be hospitalized. So, how can the care be adapted in the best way possible taking these wishes into account?

At Skaraborg Hospital in Region Västra Götaland a new model with mobile medical teams has been established. In practice it means that doctors, nurses or other medical professionals come to the patient’s home according to a treatment protocol developed with the patient’s individual needs in mind. This has proved to be a model that works for all parties involved, with notable benefits such as less visits at the emergency care departments and a closer cooperation between different care levels – hospital, primary care and the municipality. But above all, since this solution allows the patient to stay in the environment where hen feels safe and happy – home – it increases the patient’s quality of life. The mobile medical teams according to the Skaraborg model has been recognised worldwide. – Thanks to funding from Horizon2020, an EU Research and Innovation programme, we can now test this model on a new diagnosis – patient’s with short-term memory loss, says Svante Lifvergren, Quality manager Skaraborg Hospital, at a seminar organized by Region Västra Götaland during Almedalen week.

Svante Lifvergren, Quality manager Skaraborg Hospital and Ulrika Jisland moderator of the seminar in Almedalen
Svante Lifvergren, Quality manager Skaraborg Hospital and Ulrika Jisland, Moderator Region Västra Götaland Foto: Kenny Stolpe

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