September 27, 2012

Massive interest in mother-to-daughter uterus transplants

One week has passed since the world’s first mother-to-daughter uterus transplant was performed at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. It was a result of research financed by and carried out at the University of Gothenburg, who has also published a video about the research project. The worldwide media coverage of this event has been massive.

In Sweden alone between 2 000 and 3 000 women of childbearing age cannot have children because they lack a uterus. For more information about the project and the results for patients and doctors involved so far, please visit BBC (in English) or CNN (Arabic), both of which have been reporting during the week, as well as the Sahlgrenska Academy.

Organ transplants is one of three Centers of Excellence that Sahlgrenska I.C. and Sahlgrenska University Hospital has decided to highlight on an international market. Visit Our Cooperations for more information.

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