May 31, 2016

Major Medical Equipment Donation to Bosnia-Hercegovina

Sahlgrenska International Care (Sahlgrenska I.C.), in cooperation with the Swedish-Bosnian umbrella organization Integrium and the Bosnian Federation of the Red Cross, has just completed a major medical equipment donation in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Seven public hospitals in different parts of Bosnia had been selected as recipients for this project and the donation consisted of 21 anesthesia machines provided by Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The planning of the project has been going on for almost a year in order to assure that each hospital met the predetermined demands in terms of identified current need, relevant local competence and transparency.

The delivery of the donations and the formal agreement signing attracted a lot of media attention.

Anders Lygdman, aid coordinator at Sahlgrenska I.C., and Fered Kendic from Integrium are interviewed by local media at the recipient hospital in Bihac.

– We are very satisfied with the completion of this project. A lot of dedication and effort has been put into the work by all partners and it has been rewarding to see that there is a need for each of the anesthesia machine donated. We will continue to follow this project in the time to come, says Anders Lygdman.

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