November 3, 2020

Planned care requests during Covid-19

After a summer with falling figures, the Covid-19 infection rate has been steadily rising during the autumn. Last week, the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the infection control doctors decided on stricter general advice for the residents in certain regions –  our Region Västra Götaland among others. The aim is to reduce the rapid spread of Covid-19 and avoid the strain on healthcare. The stricter advice is applicable until 19 November, but may be extended.

Sahlgrenska University Hospital is continuously adjusting its activities in accordance with orders from the hospital’s management group based on data prepared by the hospital’s pandemic group. 

How does this affect you?

You are welcome to apply for planned care at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, even during these difficult pandemic times. However the possibility to accept new patients is limited. Each treatment request will be evaluated individually with regards to the medical condition and the in-patient ward capacity at the hospital. Decisions will be made by the responsible clinic, grounded in evidence and medical prioritization according to the latest guidelines from the hospital management. 

Please note that

  • All patients should be screened for COVID-19 prior arrival for surgery or other medical visits.
  • A restricted visiting policy to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 applies throughout the hospital.

Stay safe!

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