May 30, 2017

Get to know Maria and Sjoer from HOPE

Maria Munoz from Spain.  Sjoerd Walburg from the Netherlands. A Communications manager at a University hospital in Valencia and a Manager of an Emergency department in Alkmaar. What do they have in common? Both are a part of HOPE, the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation’s Exchange programme for healthcare professionals.

–  Sweden was our top choice as it is a healthcare system known for high quality, says Maria and Sjoerd.

Region Västra Götaland together with CHI, Centre for Health Care Improvement, Chalmers University of Technology are hosting the delegates and have prepared a four week long tour to healthcare departments around the area. One of the stops was at Sahlgrenska International Care.

Thank you for visiting and sharing experiences from your own countries. I hope you left inspired and with a better understanding of what we do – export world class healthcare expertise offered by the public healthcare system in Region Västra Götaland to customers worldwide.


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