November 14, 2014

Field trip to aid recipient countries

When Sahlgrenska I.C:s international aid coordinator, Anders Lygdman, is not out giving lectures on the how’s  and why’s of the donation of material aid in Region Västra Götaland, he can be found on the roads in various countries in Africa. The field trips are conducted regularly and play an important role in the quality assurance of the entire process, from the donation by Region Västra Götaland to a desitination where the material is put to use.

Together with Sahlgrenska I.C., a delegation from the Town of Göteborg, Section for Circular Migration, visited health authorities, hospitals, international and local non-profit initiatives as well as private actors in Somalia and Kenya earlier this fall. There and there, Sahlgrenska I.C. could follow up on the first donation which reached Hargeisa Group of Hospitals earlier this year.

The final stop was Ethiopia. Sahlgrenska I.C. met up with local representatives from main partner, aid organization Human Bridge, in Addis Abbeba and evaluated on-going aid activities in this area.

Unloading a truck of donated material that just arrived to Ghandi Women's Hospital in Addis Abeba.
Unloading a truck of donated material that just arrived to Ghandi Women’s Hospital in Addis Abeba.

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