December 4, 2017

Entering the Imaging and Intervention Centre

Most of the days we get amazed by all the research and development surrounding us here at the Medical Hill in Gothenburg. Today we got to enter Operating room 8, one of four hybrid operating rooms at the Imaging and Intervention Centre at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. A hybrid operating room is a surgical theatre that is equipped with advanced medical imaging devices. In this one you will find a MRI-camera carried on rails, the most powerful yet in Europe.

Some parts of the Centre has been in use for some time, but in 2018 it will be complete. This is one of the last pieces of the puzzle and today the first surgery will take place.  Minimally invasive surgeries have however already been performed at the Centre and the state of the art environment will enable the development of many more.

We met Stefanie Eriksson, a Medical physicist and Doctor in Physical Chemistry who recently joined the team. She and her colleagues will work in back office between and during surgeries to ensure that the equipment is used properly.

Stefanie Eriksson, Medical physicist, and Anna Carlsson, Patient coordinator at Sahlgrenska International Care in front of the MRI-camera

-I moved from Malmö for this particular job. I have previously worked in a hospital environment, but not as a Medical physicist. This Centre is the only one of its kind in Sweden and I find it interesting to be a part of the future development, says Stefanie.

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