November 1, 2013

Dr. Jan Fridén at TEDxZürich 2013

Dr. Jan Fridén, professor and senior consultant of Hand Surgery at Sahlgrenska University Hospital,  was one of the speakers at TEDxZürich in early October. Under the topic “Loss and Recapture of Hand Control”, he described his dedication to Tetraplegia Hand Surgery – the surgical technique used to restore hand control and function of patients with spinal cord injuries. Even in cases of complete paralyses of all four extremities, mobility can be restored through the transfer of functioning nerves and muscles. For example, grip function in the hand can provide a patient with the capacity to eat, dress and drive a manual wheelchair.

Read more about the Tetraplegia Hand Surgery team and Dr. Jan Fridén here. Watch his TED Talk here.

Jan Fridén talks at TEDxZürich 2013
Jan Fridén talks at TEDxZürich 2013.

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