April 6, 2018

Disability aid follow-up in Romania

During March a joint follow-up visit was made by Anders Lygdman, Senior Advisor for international aid at Sahlgrenska I.C. and Emanuel Wien, president of Agape Foundation to Romania. The purpose was to visit and study the work done by the Romanian organization Motivation, a major receiver of donated disability aids from Sweden.

Motivation warehouse, Bucharest, Romania

Motivation was created in 1992 and provides support to persons with mobility disabilities, so they can receive appropriately prescribed, personalized wheelchairs and training for independent living. They cooperate with the Romanian National Health Insurance (NHI) and offer their services in the entire country.

Agape Foundation and Motivation have been partners since 2015. Sweden donates disability aids, mainly wheelchairs,  to Motivation via Agape. During the trip, nine Motivation teams in nine different cities were visited. On all locations Motivation employees as well as beneficiaries from the Motivation support participated in the discussions. An average of 1,500 beneficiaries receive donated wheelchairs annually through the donations programme.

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