October 2, 2014

Dagens Medicin on Sahlgrenska I.C. and international aid

Since 2010 the hospitals in Region Västra Götaland have donated 923 hospital beds, 303 wheelchairs, 137 stools of consumables, 18 anesthesia machines and 11 incubators. The will to help keeps on increasing.

– Our company’s assignment is crystal clear. We contribute to a more responsible usage of resources in the region while creating better healthcare conditions in the recipient countries, says Andres Lygdman, international aid coordinator at Sahlgrenska I.C. in September 3rd issue of Dagens Medicin.

Together with a well established aid-organization, Human Bridge, Sahlgrenska I.C. makes sure that medical equipment and supplies reach a destination where they can make a difference. It is equally important to ensure the functionality of the donated material prior sending it away as it is to follow up with field trips to see that it has been put to use.

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