July 15, 2016

Almedalen wrap up: Healthy benchmarking

Earlier this year Sahlgrenska I.C., our fellow Care companies in Sweden and Swecare published a report on how to create better conditions for the export of Swedish healthcare services. As we continue the dialogue with the Department for Promotion of Sweden, Trade and CSR and the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, we were once again on site in Almedalen advocating the importance of this issue.

As usual the programme was extensive and healthcare the number one subject when it comes to the amount of seminars and events. The themes in focus vary from year to year, but as last year healthcare’s digital future was among the ones on top of the agenda.

But to us as a company with international customers, one seminar particularly caught our eye. Docrates Cancer Centre in Helsinki, Finland, shared their experiences on how to offer cancer patients care under one roof throughout the duration of the treatment and follow-up. This attracts many patients from other countries, every fourth patient and from 50 different countries to be more exact.

Simplifying the often complicated treatment chains allows patients to focus on becoming healthier, not having to waste time on trying to find the right way through the system. This patient-centered approach is something we know that Sahlgrenska University Hospital is working hard on to implement within certain areas, breast cancer treatment is just one of several examples. In this way we are able to offer patients a better customer experience, which the public healthcare system must continue to work on improving as the patient becomes more informed and the regulations create an easy path to cross border care.

To summarize, one should not underestimate the power of healthy benchmarking. All healthcare organizations are different while at the same time sharing a common ground. Once in a while it is important to look up from your own reality and gaze on others. It is not about finding a copy paste solution, but to question the ways things are done in your own backyard.

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