June 17, 2014

Advanced course in clinical endodontics for Japanese GDP´s

On June 9-13 2014, an advanced course in clinical endodontics was held for a group of Japanese general dental practitioners at Odontologen (University of Gothenburg and the Specialist clinic of endodontics at the Public dental service). The dentists represented different clinics in Japan and the group was lead by Dr Hiroshi Miyashita, specialist in periodontology and endodontics at EPSDC clinic in Tokyo.

Lecturers during the week were Prof Gunnar Bergenholtz, Prof Claes Reit and Prof Gunnar Dahlén and other experienced specialists in endodontics. The course focused on the aetiology and pathophysiology of disease in tooth pulp and periradicular tissues but also clinical diagnosis and decision making about treatment and care for patients. Lectures and case discussions were combined with live-video seminars and practical exercises. The week was concluded by a farewell dinner with participants and lecturers at Långedrags Värdshus.

This course will be offered again in spring 2015. Please contact us for more information about courses in dentistry.

Representatives from Folktandvården Västra Götaland with the course participants
The course participants together with lecturers from the Public Dental Service in Region Västra Götaland at Långedrags Värdshus.

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