June 18, 2018

Advanced Course in Clinical Endodontics completed

Say hi and congratulations to this group of dentists from Japan!

They just completed an Advanced Course in Clinical Endodontics hosted by us in collaboration with the Specialist Clinic for Endodontics at Folktandvården Västra Götaland (Public Dental Service) and University of Gothenburg.


Associate Professor Thomas Kvist holding a lecture half way through the 5 day course
Professor Gunnar Bergenholtz and Thomas Kvist handing out certificates to the 16 participants upon successful completion of the course.
Hiroshi Miyashita in the middle completed a Post Graduate Programme in Endodontics at the Institute of Odontology at University of Gothenburg many years ago. He is our local partner in Japan. Without him this course would not be possible.
Mrs Junco Miyashita from the ESPDC team in Tokyo.
Happy faces at the farewell dinner at Eriksberg

Arigato to all dedicated lecturers and participants. We are so happy to have met each and every one of you. Your motivation and enthusiasm for your field of expertise is an inspiration. A special thank you to the amazing head of clinic  and our partner with his EPSDC team in Tokyo. Together we will continue to spread Swedish dental know how in Japan.

Safe travels back home and until next time!

The dates for next course round has not yet been set, in the meantime you are more than welcome to contact our Education coordinator Erika Nettelbladt if you have any questions.


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