July 7, 2014

Almedalen wrap up: Ranking high on the healthcare agenda

Over the years, healthcare has been the most common subject featured in Almedalen. This year was no exception with over 200 seminars covering the area from different angles. After attending quite a few we noticed that the following ranks high on the agenda:

July 3, 2014

News from Almedalen: Sweden on the life science cluster map

Life science is one of the five main clusters in West Sweden. The region has to thrive in this field in order to be competitive in the future. Cross boundary collaborations are key to make this happen. Forum for Health Policy, a project seeking to strengthen health policy analysis in Sweden, recently published a report on the competitiveness of Swedish life science clusters. Judging by the figures shown it is going in the opposite direction of what we actually want. Why is that? And what needs to be done to reverse the path direction? This was discussed on a seminar in Almedalen.

July 2, 2014

Roundtable follow-up of Equip´Aid

The progress of the first edition of Equip’aid – Sharing for better healthcare conference in Chamonix in November 2013 has been followed-up by a roundtable meeting in Paris on the 16th and 17th of June 2014. Anders Lygdman, International Aid Coordinator at Sahlgrenska I.C., attended the meeting.

July 2, 2014

News from Almedalen: mHealth – is Sweden doing enough?

Sahlgrenska I.C. is participating in this year’s Almedalen week. It takes place in Visby, Sweden, and has become a venue where politicians and representatives from different kinds of organizations interested in political and social issues meet in an informal setting.

June 27, 2014

Visit at the first clinic for proton treatment in Scandinavia

On June 26th, Sahlgrenska I.C. together with care organizations from other regions in Sweden, visited the Skandion Clinic in Uppsala. It is a unique collaboration between the seven Swedish counties with university hospitals who have jointly invested in a national centre for cancer treatment. It is expected to open in June 2015 and the aim is to make the treatment offered, advanced proton therapy, more accessible to Swedish as well as international patients.

Although the building and facilities are still under construction, you could see that the end result will be nothing less than spectacular. Every corner has been carefully planned, all with the patient’s experience in mind.

The Skandion Clinic in Uppsala
The Skandion Clinic in Uppsala.
June 25, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays 2014

We wish you a nice and relaxing summer

June 17, 2014

Advanced course in clinical endodontics for Japanese GDP´s

On June 9-13 2014, an advanced course in clinical endodontics was held for a group of Japanese general dental practitioners at Odontologen (University of Gothenburg and the Specialist clinic of endodontics at the Public dental service). The dentists represented different clinics in Japan and the group was lead by Dr Hiroshi Miyashita, specialist in periodontology and endodontics at EPSDC clinic in Tokyo.

May 27, 2014

Team from Iceland on tour around Sahlgrenska

Sahlgrenska I.C. and Sahlgrenska University Hospital are dedicated to maintain and develop international collaborations within highly specialized medical care. Visits from abroad are highly encouraged and on May 23rd we were pleased to welcome a team from Iceland.

May 16, 2014

Meeting with the Iraqi cultural attaché

On May 15th, Sahlgrenska I.C. together with Sahlgrenska Academy, met with the Iraqi cultural attaché, Professor Walid Ameen Mahmoud, at the republic of Iraq’s Cultural Office in Stockholm. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss possible education collaborations, such as undergraduate, postgraduate and clinical training within medicine and healthcare.

Sahlgrenska I.C. CEO Jenny Lundgren with Iraqi Cultural attaché in Sweden, professor Walid Ameen Mahmoud.
CEO Jenny Lundgren with the Iraqi cultural attaché in Sweden, prof. Walid Ameen Mahmoud, across the table.


April 30, 2014

Radio interview with Swecare

Healthcare export is a great opportunity for Sweden to maintain a high level of medical and research competence. Especially within highly specialized areas of medicine. That was the message of Swecare CEO Maria Helling, when interviewed by the largest news radio channel in Sweden, Ekot.  Swecare is a semi-governmental non-profit organization where academia, public and private sector join forces toward enhanced export and internationalization of Swedish healthcare and life science.

Studies show that Sweden is falling behind countries like Germany and Switzerland in attracting international patients, although healthcare quality in Sweden is very competitive. This is one of the reasons why Sahlgrenska I.C. works together with Swecare to promote Swedish healthcare internationally. Click here to listen to the interview with Maria Helling (in Swedish). 

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